Why choose us?

Bioflora products are unique in the following respects: 

I)  The bacterial strains used for the manufacture of the products are of human origin.

II)  The bacterial strains used have the so called “GRASS” status, i.e. they are Generally Regarded as Safe.

III)  The range of Bioflora products offers support to the entire family. (Please see a more detailed description below)

IV)  Each batch of each product manufactured by Bioflora is accompanied by a Quality Control Certificate available on request.

The tests are carried out by an independent microbiological laboratory. 

V)  The names of Bioflora products are registered Trade Marks.



Our Product Ranges

  • Flora Range

    Flora Range

    Available from Health Shops and Dieticians. For distributor details, please view our contact section.

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  • forte

    Forte Range

    Available from Dis-Chem and other leading Pharmacies.  


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  • Probiotic Spray

    Probiotic Sprays

    Available from health shops and Dieticians as well as leading Pharmacies.


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